While many consider Steampunk to be a relatively new sub-genre of alternative culture, it's origins have been evident in science fiction and fantasy literature for decades, and if we are honest, even centuries, since if the likes of HG Wells and Jules Verne were writing today, they would surely be considered Steampunk.


The Steampunk genre essentially represents the future the Victorians never got to have - what would have happened if the internal combustion engine had never been invented and we were still relying on Clockwork and Steam Power? All the wonderful contraptions that would have been invented to make modern life possible, just re-imagined in a different way, from a different starting point. We could be travelling in personal Dirigibles, and Airship Pirates could be ruling the skies. Giant Kraken could be hunted from Nautilus style vehicles under the oceans!

It is in this wonderful fantasy world that Steampunks come together to enjoy the expression and creativity that such a background gives rise to, and to craft fantastical gadgetry and invent outfits to fill it.

Taking inspiration from both the gothic and the military as well as a whole host of historical eras - the Victorian, Edwardian and American Wild West to name a few, with a sprinkling of Post-Apocalyptic Mad Max styling, Steampunk fashion is quite diverse.