Steampunk Corsets

Available in store or online. Steampunk Corsets. If you are visiting us ask about our upstairs large discreet changing room.

Ladies Steampunk corsets are available in a range of styles and colours from the overbust corset which is a great place to start when creating a steampunk outfit, to the underbust style which is great to cinch in the waist but still show off a lovely blouse or gypsy top underneath and corset style waist belts which can create a similar effect but be a little more comfortable for those who prefer a slightly looser fit to the steel boned styles of many of the full corsets. 
Steampunk corsets tend to be mainly in a colour palette of brown, black and cream with brocade or striped fabrics being very popular, however there is good crossover with Victorian gothic styles which often include red and purple and other colours which can really make an outfit stand out.

Corsets are even available for men, taking the form of a waistcoat with corseting around the waist for a very smart and formal look, great for improving the posture and giving that distinguished gentleman look!