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Pack of 4 Vampire Tears Candles

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Pack of 4 Vampire Tears Candles: Embrace the Mystery

Unleash the allure of the night with a Pack of 4 Vampire Tears Candles. This captivating collection, imbued with the intrigue of gothic elegance.

The Allure of the Unexplained:

  • Mesmerizing Fragrance: Aromatic notes create an atmosphere of dark enchantment. Is it blood wine? Aged leather? A hint of wild forest? The mystery is part of the magic.
  • Rich, Gothic Aesthetic: Deep red wax encased in sleek black holders embodies the essence of vampire lore. These candles are a statement piece for any room.

For the curious who thrive on duality, these Vampire Tears Candles offer a unique blend of darkness and intrigue. Light one for a night of contemplation, or use them to create a hauntingly beautiful ambiance for your next gathering.

Where Fragrance Meets Fantasy

Four Black Taper Candles that bleed when lit. 

  • H 25cm 
  • W 2cm 
  • D 2cm