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Steampunk Blue Dragon Coaster Art038

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Unleash the Fury (and Protect Your Furniture) with the Steampunk Blue Dragon Coaster by Oakhart Industries

A fiery breath of geeky flair lands on your table with the Steampunk Blue Dragon Coaster by Oakhart Industries. This isn't your average drink protector; it's a portal to a world of fantastical machines and mythical creatures, all condensed into a conversation-starting coaster.

A Steampunk Masterpiece:

  • Soar with the Azure Menace: A magnificent blue dragon takes center stage, its scales shimmering and wings outstretched. Captured in stunning detail, this mythical beast brings a touch of fantasy to your tabletop.
  • Gears, Rivets, and Romance: The background boasts a captivating steampunk aesthetic, adorned with gears, rivets, and other mechanical elements. This unique blend of Victorian-era machinery and fantastical creatures creates a truly remarkable design.
  • A Touch of Stained Glass: A stained-glass window effect surrounds the dragon, adding depth and dimension to the artwork. It's a detail that elevates the coaster from functional to fantastical.

Built for Function, Fueled by Fantasy:

  • Dragon-Approved Protection: Fear not spilled beverages! The high-quality cork base absorbs condensation and protects your surfaces from water rings and stains.
  • Perfectly Sized for Adventure: Measuring 9.5cm x 9.5cm (3.7" x 3.7"), this coaster is ready to accommodate most glasses, mugs, and cups.
  • The Gift for Dragon Tamers and Steampunk Admirers: Surprise your loved ones with a unique and functional gift! This coaster is a fantastic addition to any coffee table, nightstand, or office desk for the fantasy or steampunk enthusiast in your life.

More Than a Drink Rest:

The Steampunk Blue Dragon Coasterby Oakhart Industries is an invitation to conversation, a spark for the imagination, and a stylish way to safeguard your furniture. It's the perfect embodiment of combining practicality with fantastical flair.

Order Yours and Unleash the Magic Today!

Add a touch of geeky grandeur to your everyday life with the Steampunk Blue Dragon Coaster by Oakhart Industries. Don't miss out on this conversation starter – order yours and unleash the magic today!

Cork Backed Steampunk Blue Dragon Coaster. Dragon with a Stained Glass Window backdrop.

Material and Design

  • Cork
  • 9.5 cm X 9.5 cm
  • Oakhart Industries

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