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Manic Panic Amplified Hair Colour 118ml Virgin Snow

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Manic Panic Amplified Hair Colour 118ml Virgin Snow. 

Lighten your locks with the Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow Toner Hair Dye! The semi-permanent dye is vegan, PPD free & utterly gorgeous. 

Manic Panic Virgin Snow Toner Amplified is a blue-tinted hair toner that will help eliminate brassy tones. Use after you have bleached your hair to help your hair reach a neutral colour. Starting with a white hair colour will give the best colour results when adding your Manic Panic hair dye.

If you've been searching for an exciting new Virgin Snow hair colour, then this dye is sure to do the trick. Providing a vibrant white hair colour for even longer than before there's plenty of time to strut your stuff with your brand new knockout look.


  • Amplified Colour Lasts 30% Longer Than Regular Dye
  • 4-6 Weeks Of Bold Hair Colour (Depending On Care Routine)
  • Gentle Formula Conditions Hair While It Colours
  • Resealable 118ml Bottle Allows For Multiple Uses
  • PPD-Free Hair Dye To Protect Hair

This Amplified Virgin Snow shade also features the NEW EU-Compliant hair dye formula.


Manic Panic Virgin Snow is a toner rather than a colour. It works to remove unwanted pigments left behind after lightening hair and cancels out tones opposite it on the colour wheel. It neutralises unwanted yellow and orange tones to create the end result of white hair. It’s recommended you leave Manic Panic Virgin Snow on for several hours. 

The longer you leave it on, the more it will neutralise the opposite colour. Using heat from a hairdryer will make the toner work faster.

Please note: Finished visual results may vary dependent on hair type, porosity and the natural base colour. 

Introducing the Manic Panic Classic High Voltage Atomic Turquoise Mini Hair Dye Tube! This 25ml tube of dye is perfect for touch-ups and smaller dye jobs. 

Just became pocket-sized! This handy tube of hair dye contains 25ml of your favourite bright colour. This small squeeze tube is perfect for keeping in order to touch up your roots on the go. The High Voltage hair dye in 25ml is also great for short hairstyles or for creating a rainbow look. The easy-to-use miniatures will mean you won’t have loads leftover from your multicoloured experiment.

The Manic Panic Mini Hair Dye is exactly the same as the tubs of High Voltage hair dye so you can enjoy a PPD free formula that is vegan-friendly and NOT tested on animals.

Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise is perfect if you are looking for a new bright hair colour. This awesome aqua toned hair dye is bright and punky. Manic Panic blue hair dye is proving popular for creating mermaid-inspired hairstyles.

Cruelty Free Vegan Hair Dye

Please note: Electric Banana, Electric Lizard, Pretty Flamingo, Sirens Song, Electric Tiger Lily, Hot Hot Pink, Cotton Candy Pink and Red Passion are all also UV Reactive Dyes. The hair colours shown are an example only, results may vary.

Manic Panic Hair Dye