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James Ryman Original Sin

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Original Sin Bronze Figurine Biblical Eve Snake Forbidden Fruit by James Ryman. 

Beware the temptation of the forbidden fruit. Designed by world-famous artist James Ryman. This exquisite figurine depicts the moment of original sin. Standing in the Garden of Eden, roses in bloom around her, Eve hold the fateful apple. A large red serpent is coiled around her, whispering temptations and heresies to her as she gazes into its eyes. Cast in the finest resin before being given a bronze finish and hand-painted, this fantastic figurine is perfect for any mantelpiece. 

  • ‘You must not eat of it or touch it, or you will die.’
  • Beautiful bronze figure depicting Eve being led astray by the evil serpent
  • Designed by world-famous artist James Ryman
  • Cast in high-quality resin before being painstakingly hand-painted
  • 20 cm

James Ryman Original Sin

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