Handmade Soya Wax Melts Set Floral Collection

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Handmade Soya Wax Melt Set Floral Collection. 

  • Material: Soya Wax, Candle Fragrance, Essential Oils and Botanicals
  • Number in Set: 10 Assorted
  • Fragrances in Set: English Rose, Peony & Vanilla, Lavender, Bergamot Verbena, Sweet Pea and Jasmine & Lime
  • Made in the UK: Yes - Handmade in the UK using the finest ethically sourced ingredients, topped with botanicals.
  • Safety Information: May contain citronellol which may produce an allergic reaction. Do not leave oil burner unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets and do not add any water to molten wax. This is not a food, do not consume. If ingested seek medical attention. Store away from direct light and always use in a burner with a suitable sized dish for the melted wax.
  • Use Time: Each wax melt gives you 20 hours of fragrance.
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Palm Oil Free: Yes
  • Plastic Packaging Free: Yes
  • Instructions: Place one wax melt onto your suitable tea light burner with a 2 or 4 hour tealight underneath (we don’t recommend an 8 hour tealight as it burns the fragrance off too quickly). The fragrance will fill your room after a few minutes. Keep re-melting the wax until all the fragrance has evaporated. After 20 hours you will need to use a new wax melt, so please wait for the wax to cool and solidify, then push it out and dispose of it in the waste.
  • Height 2.5-2.8cm
  • Width 2.8-4.3cm
  • Depth 1.5-2.1cm
  • 7g

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