Devious DAGGER 1023 Boots

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Devious Black Vegan Leather Matte DAGGER-1023 Boots. 

6 1/4" (15.9cm) Solid Brass Heel Ankle Boot with Padlocks, Full Inner Side Zipper. 

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Size Availability
UK2 / EU35 / US5 Direct from Devious* (low stock)
UK3 / EU36 / US6 Direct from Devious*
UK4 / EU37 / US7 In Stock
UK5 / EU38 / US8 Direct from Devious*
UK6 / EU39 / US9 Direct from Devious* (low stock)
UK7 / EU40 / US10 In Stock
UK8 / EU41 / US11 Direct from Devious* (last pair)
UK9 / EU42 / US12 Direct from Devious* (last pair)
UK10 / EU43 / US13 Direct from Devious* (last pair)
UK11 / EU44 / US14 Sold Out

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