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Celtic Knot Raven Mug

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Unveil the Mysteries of the Raven with the Celtic Knot Raven Mug by Oakhart Industries

Embrace the allure of Celtic myth and legend with the Celtic Knot Raven Mug by Oakhart Industries. This captivating mug is not just a vessel for your morning brew; it's a portal to a world of ancient secrets and powerful symbolism.

Steeped in History:

  • The Enigmatic Raven: A majestic raven adorns the mug, its presence steeped in Celtic symbolism. Often associated with prophecy, knowledge, and transformation, the raven adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to your morning routine.
  • Intricate Celtic Knotwork: The raven is encircled by beautiful Celtic knotwork, a design style known for its endless loops and interwoven patterns. These knots represent eternity, interconnectedness, and the enduring strength of Celtic tradition.
  • A Legacy of Craftsmanship: This mug is a testament to Oakhart Industries' commitment to quality. Made from durable ceramic and adorned with crisp, fade-resistant designs, it's built to be a cherished companion for years to come.

Function Meets Legend:

  • Ample Capacity for your Brewing Rituals: This mug boasts a generous 12oz capacity, perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or your favorite beverage.
  • The Perfect Gift for Lovers of Celtic Lore: Surprise your friends and family who are fascinated by Celtic myths and legends. This mug is a thoughtful and unique gift for any occasion.

More Than Just a Mug:

The Celtic Knot Raven Mug by Oakhart Industries is a conversation starter, a connection to a rich cultural heritage, and a practical companion for your daily rituals. It's a perfect example of combining everyday functionality with a touch of ancient mystique.

Start your day with a touch of legend. Order your Celtic Knot Raven Mug (Art011) by Oakhart Industries today! Don't miss out on this opportunity to sip your beverage in style and delve into the captivating world of Celtic symbolism.

Ceramic Celtic Knot Raven Mug.

Available As:

  • Mug.
  • Mug and Coaster Set.

Material and Design:

  • Ceramic
  • Black Inside and Handle
  • H 10 cm
  • W 12 cm with Handle
  • W 8cm
  • Oakhart Industries

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