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Cat Bear or Wolf Hood with Scarf and Pockets - Hat

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Cat, Bear or Wolf Hood with Scarf and Pockets.

Faux Fur combined Hat/Hood with Scarf with Paw Pockets.

This soft fleece lined furry Faux Fur Hat and Scarf combo has cute Animal ears. The scarf ends with pockets for your hands which have grey paw prints on the lining side. The hood also has a button to fasten at the neck. Additionally there is a handy small zip pocket in the lining on one side of the scarf section - useful for keys or spare change etc!

Choose from:
Black - Pointy Cat Ears with Cat Paw Print
White - Rounded Bear Ears with Bear Paw Print
Greyish Brown - Wolf with Pointy Ears and Wolf Claw Print (Pictured in Main Photo).

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