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Ballerina 491 Hold-Ups: Bold and Beautiful Legs (Black Hold-Ups with Unexpected Detailing)

Embrace a touch of daring with the undeniably striking Ballerina 491 Hold-Ups! Crafted from luxurious black opaque fabric, these hold-ups feature a unique and eye-catching center front design, along with decorative details over the knee and lace tops. Part of the Ballerina's Secret Exclusive Collection, these hold-ups are perfect for the fashionista who wants to make a bold statement.

Unleash Your Inner Fashion Rebel:

  • Classic Black with a Twist: The sophisticated black base offers a touch of timeless elegance, but with an unexpected twist. The unique center front design adds a touch of daring personality that sets these hold-ups apart.

  • Over-the-Knee Drama: Decorative detailing over the knee adds a touch of theatricality and further enhances the bold look of these hold-ups.

  • Luxurious Lace Finish: Elegant lace tops frame the legs beautifully and add a touch of sophistication.

  • Comfort You Can Trust: Despite their show-stopping design, the Ballerina 491 Hold-Ups prioritize comfort. The blend of 82% polyamide and 18% elastane provides a soft and smooth feel against the skin, while two silicone strips on the inside ensure they stay securely in place all day or night.

More Than Just Bold, They're Surprisingly Comfortable:

While the unique center design and over-the-knee details add undeniable drama, reviewers consistently praised the Ballerina 491 Hold-Ups for their surprising comfort. Many appreciated the soft, opaque material, secure fit, and the way the hold-ups flatter the legs.

Who Rocks the Ballerina 491 Hold-Ups?

  • Lovers of Statement Lingerie: Be the center of attention with these bold and unforgettable hold-up stockings.

  • Those Who Appreciate Exclusive Designs: Be part of something special with these hold-ups from the coveted Ballerina's Secret Exclusive Collection.

  • Anyone Who Wants to Feel Confident and Expressive: Don't be afraid to show off your unique style with these captivating hold-ups.

The Ballerina 491 Hold-Ups are more than just hosiery; they're a conversation starter and a way to embrace your inner fashion icon.

Super sexy black hold ups with very unusual centre front design. Decorative over the knee detail along with lace tops finish off the design. This design is from the Ballerina's Secret Exclusive Collection. This product is presented in luxury embossed packaging with a picture insert.