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Anne Stokes Mabon Dragon Wall Plaque

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Anne Stokes Mabon Dragon Wall Plaque. 

This highly-detailed resin wall art plaque features a 3D rendition of the eye-catching 'Mabon' dragon artwork by fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Features a circle of sabbat symbols and a serpent-like dragon. The symbol of the Autumn Equinox, Mabon, sits atop the wheel and marks the second of the Pagan harvest festivals. The yellow and green dragons symbolises the colour of corn which was harvested on a huge scale during the second Pagan harvest. Part of the 'Dragons of the Sabbats' art series by Anne Stokes. 

Anne Stokes Mabon Dragon Wall Plaque

Anne Stokes Mabon Dragon Wall Plaque

Material and Design:

  • H 27.3 cm
  • W 27.3 cm
  • D 4.44 cm
  • Resin
  • Hand Painted

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Anne Stokes Dragon Wall Plaque

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