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Anne Stokes Aracnafaria Fairy Picture

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Embrace the Dark Beauty: Anne Stokes Aracnafaria Fairy Picture.

Unleash the captivating mystery with the Anne Stokes Aracnafaria Fairy Picture. This hauntingly beautiful artwork features a gothic fairy with shimmering wings, entwined with delicate spiderwebs.


  • Officially licensed Anne Stokes artwork.
  • Intriguing depiction of a dark fairy amidst a web, blurring the lines between beauty and danger.
  • Vivid colors and intricate details bring Anne Stokes' vision to life.
  • High-quality art print on durable paper ensures lasting vibrancy.
  • Dimensions: 19 cm x 25 cm x1.5 cm

Unveil the secrets of the night with the Anne Stokes Aracnafaria Fairy Picture. This captivating piece is ideal for:

  • Fans of Anne Stokes' gothic fantasy art.
  • Creating a unique and conversation-starting focal point in your home.
  • Those drawn to the allure of dark fairies and gothic aesthetics.

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Last Chance. Discontinued.

Material and Design:

  • 19 cm
  • 25 cm
  • 1.5 cm
  • Canvas Picture

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