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Alchemy Black Cat T-Light Holder

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Alchemy Black Cat T-Light Holder. 

Always spare a place at your hearth for a black cat, for they may be the passing emissary of the old gods and bring with them the blessings or wrath of their masters. An old Celtic rhyme says: " A black cat, I've heard it said, can charm all ill away, and keep the house wherein she dwells from fever's deadly sway."

A unique and beautiful black cat tea light holder, that will look simply purrfect in your home! Or indeed will make a beautiful gift for your feline loving friend. A black cat with triple moon design tea light holder. Black and antique silver finish, high quality poly resin. 

Material and Design

  • H: 10.5cm (4.13")
  • W: 7cm (2.76")
  • D: 12cm (4.72")
  • Poly Resin
  • Hand Painted

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