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Passion Ecru Stockings ST003

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Passion Ecru Stockings.

Self-supporting stockings with lace, with two silicone stripes, without the toe portion. (Ecru is the colour of unbleached linen. Traditionally ecru was considered a shade of beige, but beginning in the 19th century it became more precisely defined as "a grayish yellow that is greener and paler than chamois or old ivory". Ecru comes from the French word écru, which means "unbleached")

Material and Design:

  • 17 Denier
  • 1/2 Extra Small - Small
  • 3/4 Medium - Large
  • 5 Extra Large
  • 87% polyamide, 13% elastane

Size Chart:

1/2 3/4
Foot length 23-25 26-28
Crotch height 70-74 78-82
Thigh circumference 58-62 64-68

Passion Lingerie Stockings ST003

Washing according to the manufacturer's recommendations on the label.
Passion Lingerie Washing Instructions

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