DemoniaCult Slacker 160 Boots (UK3)

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Embrace the Void with DemoniaCult Slacker-160: Boots for the Unbound Soul

Crafted from the inky blackness of night, the DemoniaCult Slacker-160 boots are a siren song for those who dwell on the fringes of reality. Shrouded in a gleaming patent vegan leather, these mid-calf boots whisper promises of dark adventures and forbidden pleasures.

Each step echoes with a haunting elegance. The 2-inch platform sole elevates you above the mundane, a physical manifestation of your disdain for the ordinary. Five buckles adorned with gleaming metal triangles pierce the surface, like the claws of a nocturnal beast clinging to the mortal coil.

The lace-up front of the Slacker-160s allows you to bind yourself to these boots in a ritual of dark devotion. A hidden zipper on the outside whispers of secrets best kept from the light. These boots are not for the faint of heart; they are a pact with the shadows, a badge of honor for those who walk the lonely path.

Walk the Path Less Traveled:

  • Gothic Guardians: Defend the shadows and command respect with a boot that embodies the essence of gothic style.
  • Agents of the Night: These boots are your loyal companions on any adventure, from moonlit soirees to graveyards bathed in fog.
  • Creatures of Ritual: The buckles and laces become part of your dark ceremony, binding you to the power of the night.
  • Cosplay Cultists: Breathe life into your darkest characters with a versatile boot that completes any gothic or witchy ensemble.

Gift for:

  • The friend who walks a solitary path and embraces the darkness.
  • Anyone seeking a statement piece that whispers of dark romance and rebellion.
  • Dancers and performers seeking a comfortable yet hauntingly beautiful boot.
  • Cosplayers building gothic, witchy, or dark fantasy costumes.

2" (51mm) Platform Lace-Up Front Mid-Calf Boot Featuring 5 Buckle Straps with Metal Triangle Rings at Center, Outside Zip Closure. 

Material and Design:

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: PVC/Vegan Leather
  • Sole: Platform
  • Zip: Outside
  • Style: Slacker
  • UK Postage: Free
  • EU: Duty Paid 
  • Brand: DemoniaCult

DemoniaCult Slacker 160 Boots

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