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Anne Stokes Imbolc Dragon Wall Plaque

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Witness the Rebirth of Light with Anne Stokes' Imbolc Dragon Resin Wall Plaque

Celebrate the return of light and the promise of spring with the captivating Anne Stokes Imbolc Dragon Resin Wall Plaque. This meticulously hand-painted masterpiece, crafted from high-quality resin, is a stunning addition to any home, particularly for those who cherish fantasy art and the magic of the Wheel of the Year.

A Realm of Enchantment and Symbolism:

  • The Majesty of the Imbolc Dragon: The centerpiece features a fierce yet regal yellow dragon, rendered in 3D detail. This powerful creature embodies the strength and renewal associated with Imbolc, a fire festival marking the halfway point between winter and spring.
  • A Circle of Sabbat Symbols: Surrounding the dragon is a circle of intricate symbols representing the eight Wiccan sabbats. This beautiful detail adds depth and meaning to the artwork, perfect for those who appreciate the cyclical nature of time and the changing seasons.
  • Light Yellow Hues: The light yellow color of the dragon reflects the gradual return of sunlight as winter wanes and days lengthen. This subtle detail emphasizes the celebratory spirit of Imbolc.
  • The Touch of Anne Stokes: This artwork is part of Anne Stokes' renowned "Dragons of the Sabbats" series. Her signature style, known for its captivating portrayal of fantasy creatures, is evident in the intricate details and the overall sense of wonder.

A Breathtaking Focal Point for Any Space:

  • Impressive Size and Detail: Measuring 27.3cm in height and width, and 4.44cm in depth, this plaque creates a striking focal point on any wall. The 3D design and hand-painted details ensure a captivating display from any angle.
  • Long-Lasting Beauty: Crafted from high-quality resin, this plaque is built to endure, ensuring you can enjoy its beauty for years to come.
  • A Gift Steeped in Magic: Surprise a loved one who appreciates fantasy art, dragons, or the beauty of the changing seasons with this unique and awe-inspiring piece.

More Than Just Wall Art:

  • Celebrate Imbolc: This plaque is a wonderful way to honor the traditions of Imbolc, a time for celebrating the return of light and the promise of new beginnings.
  • A Gateway to Deeper Exploration: The intricate details and symbolism within the artwork can spark curiosity and inspire further exploration of the Wheel of the Year and dragon mythology.

Embrace the magic of Imbolc and bring the wonder of Anne Stokes' fantasy art into your home. The Imbolc Dragon Resin Wall Plaque is a conversation starter, a celebration of the changing seasons, and a breathtaking work of art. Order yours today and illuminate your space with the spirit of renewal!

Anne Stokes Imbolc Dragon Wall Plaque

Anne Stokes Imbolc Dragon Wall Plaque

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Anne Stokes Dragon Wall Plaque

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