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Anne Stokes Beltane Picture

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Embrace the Magic of Spring with Anne Stokes' Beltane Canvas

Celebrate the vibrant energy of spring with this captivating canvas print featuring the renowned fantasy artist, Anne Stokes' "Beltane" artwork. This high-quality, full-color piece is part of her beloved Dragons of the Sabbats series, and it depicts a majestic red and yellow dragon perched atop a black background, symbolizing the return of warmth and life.

A Journey into the Heart of the Pagan Tradition:

  • Vivid Colors & Exquisite Detail: Anne Stokes' signature style comes alive in this captivating depiction of a powerful dragon, embodying the essence of Beltane, a fire festival celebrating fertility and new beginnings.
  • Dragons of the Sabbats: This canvas is part of a collectible series showcasing dragons representing the eight Pagan holidays. Collect them all to celebrate the magic throughout the year!
  • Durable & Long-lasting: Printed on high-quality 25cm x 19cm canvas, this plaque is built to endure, ensuring you can enjoy the beauty of Stokes' artwork for years to come.

The Perfect Gift For:

  • Fantasy Art Enthusiasts: Immerse any fantasy art lover in the world of Anne Stokes with this captivating depiction of a fire-breathing dragon.
  • Pagan Believers: Celebrate the traditions of Beltane with this symbolic artwork that embodies the spirit of spring.
  • Dragon Collectors: A perfect addition to any dragon figurine or collectible menagerie, this artwork captures the majesty of these mythical creatures.

Bring the magic of spring into your home. Order your Anne Stokes Beltane Canvas Wall Plaque today!

25cm x19cm canvas wall plaque featuring a high quality, full colour print of the 'Beltane' dragon artwork by fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Part of the 'Dragons of the Sabbats' art series.

Material and Design:

  • 19 cm
  • 25 cm
  • 1.5 cm
  • Canvas Picture

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