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A Witch Lives Here Doormat

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A Witch Lives Here" Doormat - Welcome with Enchantment

Step into a World of Mystery with Every Footfall

Welcome all who enter with a touch of the extraordinary! The "A Witch Lives Here" doormat isn't just a practical way to trap dirt and debris; it's a portal to a captivating world of magic. This bewitching floor covering sets the tone for your home, letting visitors know they're about to cross the threshold into a space imbued with mystical energy.

Durable and Delightful: A Spellbinding Entrance

This doormat is built to withstand the elements, keeping your entryway clean and dry all year round. But functionality takes a backseat to its captivating design. The bold lettering "A Witch Lives Here" is prominently displayed, accompanied by a mystical symbol a pentagram and a mischievous black cat,. This isn't just a doormat; it's a conversation starter, sparking curiosity and igniting a sense of wonder with every footstep.

Ward Off Unwanted Visitors (Energies Included!)

Not all magic is about sparkly spells and bubbling potions. This doormat acts as a subtle barrier, a first line of defense against unwelcome negativity. Whether it's unwanted salespeople or simply bad vibes, let the inscription serve as a gentle reminder that only positive energy is welcome here.

More Than Just the Doorway: Versatility for the Modern Witch

This enchanting doormat isn't confined to your entryway. Place it at the foot of your altar, adding a touch of whimsy to your sacred space. Use it in your herbal haven, creating a designated zone for tending to your magical plants. The possibilities are endless!

A Celebration of Self-Expression: Let Your Magic Flow Freely

This "A Witch Lives Here" doormat is more than just a practical household item; it's a declaration of self-expression. It allows you to proudly display your connection to the magical world, welcoming fellow witches and sparking conversations with curious onlookers.

This Gift is Perfect For:

  • The Witch in Your Coven: Surprise your fellow magic practitioners with this delightful doormat, adding a touch of enchantment to their abode.
  • New Homeowners with a Magical Touch: Moving into a new neighborhood? This unique housewarming gift sets the tone for a mystical and welcoming home.
  • Anyone Who Embraces the Unexplained: This doormat is a perfect present for anyone who appreciates a touch of magic and celebrates the mysteries of the world.

So, weave a spell of enchantment on your doorstep with the "A Witch Lives Here" doormat. Order yours today and let the magic begin!

This great gothic or Pagan doormat in traditional brown bristle door mat material with black rubber style backing features a black print with celtic knotwork pattern border and a central pentagram and black cat with text "A Witch Lives Here" around it. 

Measures approx. 45 cm x 75cm.

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