Echt etNox Thors Hammer Pendant

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Echt - etNox Magic and Mystic Thor's Hammer Pendant with Viking Head and Roman Numerals. Silver Plated Bronze Gothic Necklace.

Thor's Hammer, also called Mjolnir, it is the magic tool of Thor, the Norse god of thunder. To the present day people still carry or wear hammer-shaped pendants. This is often done to show devotion to Thor. In addition it may as well be the effort to be protected by the Norse god.

From the etNox Magic and Mystic range, this Silver plated bronze Thor's Hammer pendant hangs from a black cotton cord necklace.

The necklace measures approx 5 x 3.2 cm.

The necklace comes in a small gift box with an explanation of the legendary magic meaning of the Hammer of Thor on the back.

Echt etNox Thors Hammer Pendant

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