Echt etNox Snake Iron Cross Ring Sterling Silver

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Embrace Duality with the Echt etNox Double Snake Iron Cross Ring

Command attention with the captivating Echt etNox Double Snake Iron Cross Ring. This statement piece, crafted from gleaming 925 sterling silver, combines powerful symbolism with edgy design, making it a perfect addition to any outfit.

A Duality of Symbols:

  • Iron Cross Intrigue: The iron cross, a symbol with a complex history, adds a touch of mystery and rebellion to the design.
  • Serpentine Strength: Two entwined snakes adorn the ring, symbolizing transformation, rebirth, and eternal duality.

Urban Edge with Elegance:

  • High-Quality Materials: Made from genuine 925 sterling silver, this ring offers a touch of luxury and a brilliant shine.
  • Statement Size: Measuring approximately 1.6 cm in height, this ring makes a bold statement on your finger.

The Perfect Gift For:

  • Rocker or Biker Enthusiast: The iron cross and bold design elements resonate with the rock and biker aesthetic.
  • Fan of Alternative Style: This ring complements an edgy or alternative wardrobe, allowing for self-expression through symbolism.
  • Anyone Who Appreciates Statement Jewelry: A great gift for someone who loves conversation-starting pieces that stand out from the crowd.

Embrace your duality. Order your Echt etNox Double Snake Iron Cross Ring today!

  • Material and Design:
  • Collection: etNox urban style
  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • Height: 1,6 cm 
Size Chart
Sizes are in mm and internal circumference. 
Echt Ring Size Chart

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