Echt etNox Bears Paw Ring Sterling Silver

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Channel Inner Strength: The Echt etNox Bear Paw Ring - Sterling Silver Symbol of Power

Crafted from gleaming sterling silver, the Echt etNox Bear Paw Ring isn't just an accessory; it's a symbol of raw power and unwavering spirit. This captivating ring features a detailed bear paw design, adding a touch of untamed wilderness to any outfit.

More Than Meets the Eye: Throughout history, the bear paw has symbolized strength, protection, and connection to nature. Wearing this ring allows you to connect with these symbolic interpretations or simply embrace the rugged beauty of the wild.

Modern Design with Enduring Allure: The Echt etNox Bear Paw Ring seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with timeless symbolism. The intricate details and a polished finish create a sleek and sophisticated look. Yet, the captivating bear paw design remains the focal point, a constant reminder of its enduring message.

Perfect gift for: Nature Lovers & Strong Spirits

The bear paw symbolises the spirit of this animal. To the Native Americans it means a happy omen. The footprint of a bear led the hunter to the animal whose flesh and fur secured the survival of a whole family for some time. After slaying, the paw was worn as a talisman or it was hung up somewhere to show the strength and braveness of the warrior. Until today, the bear paw is a symbol of good fortune and success.
Material and Design:
  • Collection: etNox magic and mystic
  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • Height: Ø ca. 1,8 cm
Size Chart
Sizes are in mm and internal circumference.
Echt Ring Size Chart

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