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Corsetti Lingerie. Also known as Livco Corsetti and Livia Corsetti. Corsetti is a brand that offers a range of lingerie and intimate apparel. The brand is known for its diverse collection of sensual and provocative lingerie, including corsets, chemises, babydolls, bodystockings, and more. Corsetti lingerie often features alluring designs, intricate lace details, and a variety of styles to cater to different tastes.

Some key points about Corsetti lingerie include:

  1. Corsets: Corsetti offers a selection of corsets that are designed to enhance and shape the waist. These corsets often feature lace-up details, boning for structure, and a range of fabrics including satin and lace.

  2. Chemises and Babydolls: The brand also provides chemises and babydolls, which are typically short, loose-fitting nightgowns designed to be both comfortable and provocative. These pieces often incorporate sheer fabrics, lace, and other sensual elements.

  3. Bodystockings: Corsetti's collection may include bodystockings, which are full-body, form-fitting garments made from sheer materials like fishnet or lace. These are designed to create a striking and provocative look.

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