Echt etNox "Moon Pentacle" Ring 925 silver

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Embrace the Mystical: The Echt etNox "Moon Pentacle" Ring - A Touch of Magic for Everyday

Calling all moonlit dreamers and lovers of celestial symbolism! The Echt etNox "Moon Pentacle" Ring isn't just an accessory; it's a portal to a world of mystical connection. Crafted from gleaming 925 silver, this captivating ring features a stunning design – a pentacle nestled between two crescent moons. It's more than just decoration; it's a talisman for the modern soul, a reminder of the powerful forces that guide us.

A Celestial Tapestry: Unveiling the Magic

The Echt etNox "Moon Pentacle" Ring is a captivating dance of symbols. The pentacle, a symbol of protection and the elements, rests serenely between two crescent moons. These moons represent the ever-changing lunar cycle, a reminder of the ebb and flow of life and the cyclical nature of the universe. Whether you find comfort in established traditions or forge your own path, this ring allows you to connect with the magic that surrounds you.

Modern Design Meets Enduring Symbolism

The Echt etNox "Moon Pentacle" Ring seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with timeless mystical symbolism. The delicate details and a polished finish create a sleek and sophisticated look, ensuring this ring transcends fleeting trends. Yet, the intricate pentacle and moon design remain the focal point, a constant reminder of the power they hold. This isn't just an accessory; it's a conversation starter, a way to connect with those who share your fascination with the unseen.

Embrace Your Inner Mystic: A Gift for the Soul

The Echt etNox "Moon Pentacle" Ring is more than just silver and style. It's a celebration of individuality and a reminder of the magic that resides within us all. Wearing this ring allows you to express your connection to the mystical and embrace the power of the universe.

This Gift is Perfect For:

  • The Modern Mystic in Your Life: Surprise your friend who loves all things celestial with this beautiful and symbolic ring.
  • Anyone Who Craves a Touch of Magic: Spark their connection to the universe with a gift that celebrates the unseen forces that guide us.
  • A Gift for Yourself: Embrace your inner mystic and ignite conversations about your unique beliefs with this captivating ring.

So, adorn your finger with a touch of celestial magic. Order your Echt etNox "Moon Pentacle" Ring today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and mystical connection!

Silver ring pentagram between two moons with celtic design. Nu goth style. 

Echt etNox "Moon Pentacle" Ring

Material and Design

  • Collection: etNox urban style
  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • Height: ca. 1,7 cm  

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