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Baphomet Bust

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Baphomet Bust. 

A symbol of the occult, Baphomet is a winged, goat-headed hermaphrodite with a torch between its horns and a pentagram on its forehead. Its chest bares the Latin words SOLVE (separate) and COAGULA (join together), on its chest are two snakes representing Male and Female, on its shoulders are the Sun and the Moon — the powers of “binding and loosing” embodying opposites and celebrating contrasts. Worshiped by occultists from Jacques de Molay’s Templars to Alistair Crowley, Baphomet has long been a symbol of free-thinking heresy and forbidden knowledge. This mystical figurine is cast in the highest quality resin before being carefully hand-painted. 

  • Celestial Black and Silver Baphomet Bust
  • Featuring detailed Sun, Moon, Serpent and Pentagram motifs.
  • Cast in the finest resin.
  • Expertly hand-painted.
  • 34cm tall by 31cm wide at horns.

Baphomet Bust


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