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Alchemy Baphomet Zisurru Picture

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Unveiling the Occult: Alchemy Gothic Baphomet Zisurru Canvas Picture

Embrace the enigmatic with the Alchemy Gothic Baphomet Zisurru Canvas Picture. This captivating artwork depicts the occult deity Baphomet, a powerful symbol in various esoteric traditions, rendered in a detailed and symbolic style.


  • Officially licensed artwork from Alchemy Gothic.
  • Intricate illustration of Baphomet a goat's head skull, adorned with occult symbols.
  • Rich symbolism invites exploration and interpretation.
  • High-quality canvas printing ensures vibrant colors and sharp details.
  • Stretched and mounted on a wooden frame for easy hanging.
  • Dimensions: [Insert dimensions in cm (W) x (H) x (D)]

Spark conversations and ignite intrigue with the Baphomet Zisurru Canvas Picture. This piece is ideal for:

  • Creating a statement in any room.
  • Fans of alternative art and symbolism.
  • Those drawn to the esoteric and occult.

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Material and Design:

  • Canvas
  • H 25cm
  • W 19cm 
  • D 1.5cm

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