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Restyle Vegvisir Necklace Silver

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Restyle Vegvisir Necklace Silver. 

Silver gothic Vegvisir Necklace. Gothic necklace in antique silver color on a regulated chain. We have designed it to be a symbol of good luck and protection. We have chosen Vegvisir which is a mysterious symbol in ancient Irish culture. Even now we are not sure what does it mean. It was some kind of compass and navigation tool. It was believed that anyone who wears Vegvisir will reach destination despite bad weather and will never get lost.

It also protected its owner. You can find Vegvisir in three places on our necklace, on the middle, and on both sides near the chain. Over the Vegvisi, we have also put a symbol which means harmony and end of any conflicts. 

Necklace and chain are made of zinc metal alloy with patine, it is safe for your skin, made according to European Union health law. Height of main element: 7 cm /  2,75 inch. Available also in deep black color.

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