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Peter Stone Bashful Fairy Silver

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Peter Stone Bashful Fairy Sterling Silver. 

Amy Brown Bashful Fairy Sterling Silver Jewellery Pendant

Every one of us has days when we are feeling a little bit timid to people and things, yet this Bashful Fairy also feels the same way. Fairies are mythical creatures who live near the old hills and caves with lush hair, dressed in airy long clothes, gifted with unusual beauty, and endowed with magical powers. They are seen as small creatures who bring happiness, but sometimes bashful. Fairies are spiritual beings of the light and exist at different levels of vibration.

They want for nothing more than to work with humanity, to restore the natural world to their Divine splendour, and to peacefully create a beautiful reality inspired in this shy yet cute fairy in sterling silver pendant by Peter Stone Jewellery. Designed by the renowned fantasy artist, Amy Brown, you’re sure to feel magical than ever as you exude the fairy’s mystic and light anywhere you go!

  • Designer: Amy Brown
  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Delivery: 7 Day Delivery 

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