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Malefic Time Tarot Cards by Luis Royo

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Malefic Time Tarot Cards by Luis Royo.

Find your fortune in a fallen world with the Malefic Time Tarot Cards, created by the imagination of the legendary Luis Royo. There are 78 fantastically detailed cards, each showing a different character or scene from the epic Malefic Time saga. Playing out the millennia-old conflict between order and intuition, the cast of characters include Marduk, Baal, and the mysterious intelligent sword Malefic. With a detailed guidebook showing how to perform basic and advanced readings, this tarot deck is fantastic for beginners and adepts alike.

  • Dark gothic Malefic Time tarot cards
  • From legendary alternative artist Luis Royo
  • 78 breathtaking cards
  • Detailed guidebook
  • Perfect for initiates and adepts alike

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