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Selina Fenech Littlest Fairy Cushion

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Littlest Fairy Cushion by Selina Fenech

From the enchanting world of internationally known fantasy artist Selina Fenech comes this magical fairy cushion. In a pink forest of enchanted toadstools, a young fairy sits on a particularly tall one, hugging her knees and staring at you. Her white dress hangs down, fading towards violet at the bottom, and her pink and purple butterfly wings match the magical butterflies fluttering around her. Her long golden hair hangs down messily, flowing past her bare feet over the edge of the toadstool. Truly the smallest of the fae, she sits alone but not lonely. This calming and enchanting art draws in any lover of fairies, making this cushion perfect for adding a touch of peaceful magic to any bed, armchair or sofa.

  • Size: 42cm.

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