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Horn of Valhalla Intricately Carved Viking Horn with Hammer of Thor

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A truly stunning collectors piece horn! Skilled craftsmen carve these horns from the finest and heaviest horns. This horn has a full length intricate carving, except for where your fingers grip the horn. The design features bands, swirls, a bas-relief of Mjolnir, the mystical uru hammer of the Norse god Thor and hundreds of individually carved inlays

This is a truly amazing piece, each horn weighs close to a pound in weight and feels very solid and weighty when held. One could easily see a Viking chief of old having a horn like this to quaff from!

Approx 13.5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide at top. Approx capacity 1 pint.

Please note, this is a natural horn product and the exact colours will vary slightly from the picture shown. Complete with wrought iron display stand.