Blackriver Japanese style Oni Mask, Headdress

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Blackriver Leather Mask, Japanese inspired Oni Mask/Headdress

Oni are a key part of Japanese mythology, being considered both tricksters and protectors, forces unstoppable and strong beyond measure to either protect or wreak chaos in their wake. Translating from Japanese to English “Oni” can mean “Demon”, “Devil”, “Ogre” or “Troll”; more specifically, this handcrafted leather mask from Blackriver Leather resembles a “Hannya” mask used in Noh Theatre, the face of a vengeful woman who has turned into a demon to exert her wrath on her unfaithful husband. One example of this fierce demon is Uji No Hashihime, or “The Woman at Uji Bridge” Who transformed herself into an Oni to punish her unfaithful husband by painting her body with vermillion and parting her hair to form horns.

Donning this mask will surely allow you to tap into this power and confidence, although it’s not recommended for it to be used for the original purpose of demon transformation, because that process is irreversible! The deep red-brown leather of this awesome mask is in keeping with traditional Oni colours, hand stamped and engraved with spear-like patterns around the horns. A more western twist has been added with a crest of engraved silver spines along the crown following the traditional horns, but it simply adds to the powerful feel of this mask and headpiece. Perfect for wearing as a statement piece or display it is recommended you wear this with caution, not only for the fact you may become a demon, but for the fact the silver spines may be quite a hazard in cramped conditions.

Hand Made Leather Mask.
The mask fastens with buckles. 

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