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Evania Fairy and Unicorn 40cm

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Evania Fairy and Unicorn 40cm

This enchanting fairy is sure to add a touch of magic to anyone’s life. Lying on the mossy earth, purple flowers scattered around them, this grey unicorn lies down, calm and relaxed. Their long, flowing mane is tinged with purple, and a large silver key hangs around their neck from a string. Sitting next to them, holding their head in her hand, a young fairy stares wistfully into the distance. Flowers sit in her long, flowing silver hair, and a turquoise is held at her midriff by silver chains. Her purple and blue butterfly wings are relaxed and unfurled behind her, a crescent moon on them surrounded by silver gems that mirror the night sky. Cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand-painted, this mystical fairy figurine makes a fantastic gift for any lover of magic in your life.. Hand Painted.


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