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Dragonling Diaries Blue

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Dragonling Diaries Blue. 

Blue Dragonling Diaries: Bring a little magic to your workspace with our Dragonling Diary Collection. Atop three enchanted diaries rests a spirited dragon hatchling who's intent of distracting you away from your work. The courageous little dragon has blue scales and golden accents on its horns, claws and chest. These Dragonling Diaries would make a perfect addition to any dragon enthusiast's collection. 

  • This little book wyrm sits on his pile of books.
  • The text reads: With mighty wings and curled claws
  • the Alpha Dragon "
  • takes to his throne in the sky, overseeing his realm of fire breathersµ",Cast in the finest resin before being expertly hand-painted. "
  • 11.3 cm

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