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Draconic Dragon on Sigil Figurine

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Draconic Dragon on Sigil Figurine.

Embark on a mystical journey with our Draconic Sigil figurine. This exquisite piece features a glimmering blue dragon with captivating purple highlights, perched majestically atop a gravestone. The intricately detailed gravestone showcases a silver dragon-shaped rune, adding an element of mysticism to the scene. Tree roots gracefully wrap around the base of the gravestone, creating a harmonious blend of nature and magic. Crafted from the finest resin and meticulously hand-painted, this 17.5cm figurine stands as a testament to both quality and artistry. Explore our diverse range of dragon-themed giftware, tailored for those who hold a deep appreciation for magical creatures and medieval mythos.

  • Dragon on Sigil Figurine
  • Cast in the finest resin
  • Expertly hand-painted
  • Size 17.5 X 15 X 6.5cm

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