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James Ryman Dark and Light Angels

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James Ryman Dark and Light Angels. 

This fantastic angel figurine comes from the imagination of world-famous gothic and fantasy artist James Ryman. Standing on a grey stone dais, two angels stand side-by-side. One, black-winged with raven hair, wears a long black dress with red lining, a black choker standing out against her alabaster skin. In her hand, she holds a red book with a sinister black motif on the cover. Next to her, the other angel wears a floor-length white dress, a white cloak held in place with clasps set with pale blue gems. Her long blonde hair hangs down, falling past her pure white wings, as she gazes into her companion’s eyes. Her left arm is around the dark angel’s waist, and her right rests on the red book. On the ground, a book with a pale blue cover lies open, a necklace discarded beneath it. Cast in high-quality resin before being lovingly hand-painted, this statuette is a fantastic reminder that morality can go beyond just black and white.

Size: 24.5 cm

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