Blackriver Leather Ornate Battle Armour - Ladies Gothic Pauldron Shoulder Armour

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Handcrafted Leather Gothic Warrior Pauldron Steampunk Shoulder Armour by Blackriver Leather.

This stunning "one of a kind" couture Leather Ladies Gothic Pauldron has been lovingly handcrafted by a talented Leathersmith in the heart of the New Forest. This is an outstanding item, truly a work of art.

You will survive anything whilst wearing this handcrafted leather and metal pauldron. The high metal brass shoulder crest provides perfect protection to the wearer, whilst maintaining a regal posture. Decorated with gold rivets, it is perfect for a Dark Queen showing their might on the battlefield as they command their dark armies of the damned. Intricate filigree details engraved into the surface add elegance to the piece that will inspire awe and terror in their enemy.

Lovingly handcrafted in 3mm thick leather this astounding steampunk gladiator pauldron has fully adjustable buckle straps and articulated leather panels joined with beautifully ornate rivets. The panels have intricate vine like carvings and spiked detailing to mimic the form of the Milk Thistle. The front of the shoulder armour features an ornate gold tone Victorian buckle.

Blackriver Leather Steampunk Fashion.