Angel Clothing


All of the following names, addresses, email addresses and other information are known or suspected credit card fraudsters. Under no circumstances should orders matching any or all of these listings be actioned without clearance from management first!
Name Address Telephone Email Notes
Lee Poncia 4102 1st ave prince george BC v2m1c4 Canada 2509817517 British Columbia Fraudster(s)
Bill Lake 115 mcintyre, prince george, British Columbia, v2m4p4, Canada 2509813587 British Columbia Fraudster(s)
eric lowe 4108 1st ave prince george British Columbia V2M 4P4 Canada
2505529952 British Columbia Fraudster(s)
Alisha Penner 115 mcintyre prince george British Columbia v2m4p4 Canada 2509817247 British Columbia Fraudster(s)
scott harman 1249 alward prince george British Columbia V2M 2G3 Canada
2506542531 British Columbia Fraudster(s)
Dani Ryan Blk 706 Hougang Avenue 2 #01-167, Singapore 530706 Singapore +6594855561 In phone book under that address but still fraudulent!
John Wilkins john wilkins 41 princes road Clevland ts14bg United Kingdom
07778658966 Possibly relative of cardholder
Agnese Mertena juglas 10-43 LV-1024 riga rigas raj Latvia 37126260992 ID provided for cardholder but still very suspect. Also look for name Niks Luusis
Eric Colombo /
Eric Columbo

251 sylvania street santa cruz California 95060 United States

850 front street santa cruz CA 95060 United States

101 hyde street san francisco CA 94102 United States

4156758675 M.O. is getting orders shipped to post offices for him to collect from. Check California addresses, especially Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas. Look in Streetview to make sure residential not post office or mail forwarding company etc.
Emad Almesrati
Aramex House Old Bath Road TIP 1503 Colnbrook Slough Berkshire SL3 0NS United Kingdom
01753-210399 Delivery address is a mailing centre, customer is in Libya which is currently in a civil war. Highly suspect
M Anastasia Bubnova
208 Sunnyside Ave. Apt 2 Campbell California 95008 United States
408-796-5240 Does not appear to be related to Colombo fraud.
MR David Lee
8002 Cornwall Ln Tampa Florida 33615-4604 United States
33615-4604 Not to be confused with UK customer of same name who is genuine.
francisco tovar 5585 NW 72 AV miami Florida 33166 United States 3058878007 Mail forwarded to Venezuala
Victoria Gudmundsen
Hageveien 11 1813 Askim Østfold Norway
004745488781 M.O. Smaller orders placed far enough apart not to arouse suspicion
Generally suspect areas - orders originating from any of these areas should be double checked before actioning
British Columbia, especially city of Prince George - this is a serious ongoing issue however we do have at least one genuine customer in this area.
Indonesia - look for orders to Australia, New Zealand or Japan and check address is actually in country specified not Indonesia - look for Indonesian city names such as Jakarta, Bekasi, Barat, Jawa, Utara, Malang
Latvia - suspect area, check all orders
Generally, large orders for unusual areas should be double checked