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Manic Panic Dark Star Hair Dye

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Manic Panic Dark Star Hair Dye

Dark Star is a very deep, slightly purple-toned grey hair dye. For best results, lighten your hair to the lightest level 10 blonde before use. Dark Star may also be used to make your favorite Manic Panic shades deeper for a custom tone.

Dark Star is also the perfect background shade for the popular prism hair effect movement or as a mix-in to make smoky versions of your favorite Manic Panic semi-permanent hair colors. Pastels/Greys/Toners contain less pigment than our vivid shades and will fade from your hair faster.

Our classic range has been around ever since the beginning of the Manic Panic journey with Tish and Snooky in 1977 New York. The collection is made up of highly pigmented colours with added moisture to keep hair conditioned whilst appearing vibrant. The Manic Panic colours are still known to be a favourite within the creative hair industry. 


✨ If you have bob length hair and above, we find 1 pot of our dyes will do the full head whether your hair is thin or thick. 

✨ If you have between shoulder to waist length hair, we suggest purchasing 2 pots for thin hair. If you have fairly thick hair you may want to purchase an extra pot to complete your ends. 

✨ Hair that is from the lower back and longer will require 3 or more pots for both thin and thick hair.


    Even those with a medium to light brown hair shade should consider pre-lightening their hair before dyeing. For this shade, we recommend lightening hair, with bleach, to a shade 10. A Manic Panic Flash Lightning Kit is sure to help lighten your hair and ready it for semi-permanent hair dye.

    Please note: Finished visual results may vary dependent on hair type, porosity and the natural base colour.

    • Style: Classic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye. 
    • Colour: Manic Panic Dark Star. 
    • Volume: 118ml. 
    • Ingredients: Vegan Friendly, PPD Free. 
    • Duration: 2-4 Weeks. 

    Cruelty Free Vegan Hair Dye

    Please note: Electric Banana, Electric Lizard, Pretty Flamingo, Sirens Song, Electric Tiger Lily, Hot Hot Pink, Cotton Candy Pink and Red Passion are all also UV Reactive Dyes. The hair colours shown are an example only, results may vary.

    Manic Panic Hair Dye

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