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Luna Little Shadows Purple Gothic Fairy Figurine with Lily

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Luna Purple Gothic Fairy Figurine Holding a Lily. 

This dark Gothic Fairy figurine comes from the magical Fantasy imaginations of our own fantastic in-house design team and is part of the alternative Little Shadows range. Wearing a deep purple skirt emblazoned with silver pentagrams, this young Fairy sits cross-legged on a lily pad with a pale indigo flower, her black ballet shoes laced up her calves. Wearing a black sleeveless top, her blue and violet wings are unfurled behind her. In her hands she holds a pink lotus, her lower arms covered by black sleeves. Around her neck are two pendants – a crescent moon, and a yin-yang symbol. She looks at you quizzically, her black hair in buns, her head tilted to the side and a love heart-shaped beauty mark under her left eye. Bringing enlightenment from darkness, and magic to any home, this figurine is cast in the highest-quality resin before being painstakingly hand-painted. Perfect for any coffee table or mantelpiece, bring an air of wisdom and mystery to any room.

Measures Approximately 13cm.

Little Shadows

As the last light of day sets across the land, Our Little Shadow friends emerge gift in hand. This gift for you to my friend for life, By your side through day and night.

The true story of the Little Shadows fairies is shrouded in mystery and magic but on a full moon it is said they can be seen dancing beneath the stars. The unique style and spirit of the Little Shadows will forever enchant your soul with their beauty and charm. The Little Shadows fairy collection are carefully hand sculpted and painted. This beautifully detailed figurine collection.

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