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Spiral Gothic Thermo Travel Mug with Wolf Chi Design

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Spiral Direct Thermo Travel Mug Flask with Wolf Chi design.

Within nature there is the potential for both good and evil, for light and dark. Both must exist as neither can be anything without the other. Dual wolves entwined within a dream catcher representing Yin and Yang.

This insulated thermal mug is great for keeping your coffee warm on your walk to work, or on your desk, featuring the eyecatching yin and yang wolf head Wolf Chi design on one side and Wolf Soul howling wolf on the other Design on the other! The mug has a sliding mouthpiece and a capacity of 450ml.
Thermo Travel Mug - Flask 0.45L is made of light weight High Grade Steel with a Plastic Surround, 18cm x 7.5cm using double wall thermo-technology to maintain the temperature for longer.
Please note: As the mug does not seal airtight at the mouthpiece it is designed to be transported in an upright position and not to be carried in bags or pockets!

The item comes boxed.

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