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Noire Cushion, Little Shadows by Jasmine Becket

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Noire Cushion, Little Shadows by Jasmine Becket.

A young fairy stands on a wooden floor, her turquoise and purple wings unfurled behind her. She looks at you quizzically from beneath her fringe, her long black hair framing her face. A crucifix hangs on a pendant around her neck, standing out against her short-sleeved black top, while her green skirt billows out. The skirt has black ruffles and bears a pattern of skulls, while around her neck an onyx sits set in a black choker. She clutches a roughly-stitched voodoo doll made of sackcloth with her porcelain arms, while behind her the rococo-patterned wallpaper is coloured green and crimson like a fever dream. The corners of the picture have an intricate pattern that culminates in a blue rose. Not only does this cushion add an air of mystery and magic to any living room or bedroom, it’s also magically comfortable, making it perfect for any armchair, sofa or bed

This Cushion Measures 42cm x 42cm.

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