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Lolita Cushion, Little Shadows by Jasmine Becket

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Lolita Cushion, Little Shadows by Jasmine Becket.

Wearing a crown bearing a skull, this gothic fairy stares at you longingly, her red-and-blue tinged wings casually open behind her. She has a tattoo on her upper arm of a heart pierced with cupid’s arrow, visible above her fishnet gloves. She kneels to the side, her red and black skirt flaring up behind her, as she leans on a large skull. The skull has the teeth and nose highlighted in read, with rose patterns and a large spades symbol painted on, and gold detailing on the rest of it. Behind her, an enchanted forest glows violet in the moonlight as strange magic takes hold. The corners of the cushion have the same pattern of spirals as the skull, with a pink rose at the centre of each. Not only does this cushion add an air of mystery and magic to any living room or bedroom, it’s also magically comfortable, making it perfect for any armchair, sofa or bed

This Cushion Measures 42cm x 42cm.

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