Furrybones Bastet

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Furrybones - Bastet

Gothic Furrybones collectables.

  • Height: 2.75"
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Hand Painted

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'Kind Bastet was the embodiment of refined femininity. As with any woman or cat in which she was portrayed, even at Bastet, a devious temperament hid behind the calmness and kindness that could turn her into a dreaded creature. The goddess, who was commonly regarded as the protector of mankind, was in this case identified with another deity - the leching lion goddess Sachmet .

Bastet was a good and kind goddess, but she could also have angry, sometimes cruel behavior. Therefore, she was quickly identified with the relative lion goddesses. With "The Mighty" Sheeth, she created the only deity she was more peaceful in form, while Sachmet was the more feared component. Bastet-Sachmet was the image of an ideal woman - both attractive and dangerous, a mother, a girlfriend and a mistress who could be both tender and cruel'

Furrybones Bastet

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