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Witches Familiars Khepri Beetle Pendant

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Witches Familiars Khepri Beetle Pendant.

The fantastic ‘Witches’ Familiars’ collection is now available. ‘Magical Animals’ have resonated throughout history, interwoven into tribal traditions, religions and the many myths around creation.

The beetle walks its path many times and in many ways. It represents stability, persistence, cooperation and devotion. As your familiar, the beetle, because of its devotion to targets and goals, links you with success.

Each pendant comes with a chain and satin pouch together with a comprehensive explanatory leaflet which gives the owner a strong insight into the background and powers surrounding each jewellery piece in the collection.


  • Silver and Gold Plated
  • Sparkling Crystals

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Witches Familiars Jewellery

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