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Green Cat Mascot Gothic Backpack

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Green Cat Mascot Gothic Backpack with Bat Wings. 

Gothic demonic cat mascot sack with bat wings and a choker. Super soft backpack with velvety faux suede & leather (vegan) bat wings. The head and legs are fully filled, and the front paws additionally have a sewn-in wire, which allows them to be arranged in a variety of ways.

The backpack is made of black, pleasant to the touch plush, making it ideal for hugging! The mascots' belly and mouth are in gray color. Horns made of velvety faux suede and between them we embroidered a yellow crescent symbol.

The main element of the soft toy are haunting, diabolical green-yellow eyes. Do you feel that look on your face? The cat's neck is adorned with a ring choker. 
The backpack is extremely functional, although at first glance you can get a different impression. On the back there is a large compartment with a crescent moon zipper pull.

The backpack has two adjustable straps made of velvety faux suede type fabric.

The gothic sack will be a great gift for a lover of gothic style with a little sense of humor. You can wear it every day, but we warn you, diabolically - sweet eyes will enchant every passerby!

Size and Material:

  • Length without legs: 40 cm
  • Zipper: 22 cm
  • Belly: 19 cm wide
  • Head: 13 cm
  • Horns: 6 cm
  • Straps: 60-95 cm

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