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Angel Clothing Affiliate Scheme

Thanks for your interest in joining the Angel Clothing Affiliate Scheme. For all customers you send to our site who purchase goods, we pay you a 10% commission. It's very simple to sign up and staqrt earning!

(Some standard terms and conditions apply to protect both you and us and these can be found at the bottom of the page.)

There are several ways to implement this, so if you are interested in Blogging about us or Adding Links to us from your Website, Facebook page, Instagram or Tumblr etc. you can earn commission on the sales!

This could also work for you if you are running an event like a masked ball or perhaps you are organising a big Steampunk event? If you link to us you will earn 10% commission on any purchases made.

1. How can I apply?

A. First you will need an account. If you have purchased from us before then you will already have an account
Go to and login or create a new account account and login.

B. Once you've created an account, go to and fill out the form to apply.

C. If you wish to drive traffic to us from more than one location, please email with a list of the URLs/sites etc. you wish to use after making your application with your main URL/site.

If you have any problems ring 02392 815413 during office hours and ask for Brian who will be your account manager.

*Please note approval is entirely at our own discretion. We reserve the right to refuse any application.

2. How does it work once I'm approved?

We will send you a unique referrer URL you can use to link to the Angel Clothing main page and a URL suffix you can add to the URL of any page on our site in order to direct your viewers to any specific page you wish.

Anyone who places an order after being referred through from you with us will earn you 10% commission on the value of the goods purchased. Once you reach the minimum payment threshold (currently £100 or equivalent) contact us and we will arrange payment. You will require a working PayPal account to receive payment.

Payments are issued on the last working day of the calendar month following the one you reach the threshold in or the next working day if that falls on a weekend or bank/public holiday.

You can check your your current qualifying orders and earned commission at at any time - you will need to be logged in for this link to work.

3. Terms and Conditions?

Obviously there are a number of terms and Conditions related to using the Angel Clothing Affiliate Scheme (Terms and Conditions can be found below). These are here to protect Angel Clothing and Yourself against Fraud and any infringement of Copyright or Trademarks. They will also be sent to you by email when you join. All are basic requirements and pretty much standard with any affiliate schemes. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions will result in your account being suspended and commission lost.

If you have any particular questions please email us at or ring Brian on 02392 815413

4. FAQ and Questions.

Our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions section can be found below.

Or simply email or ring 02392 815413 during office hours.

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Terms and Conditions
You agree to promote Angel Clothing in a responsible manner consistent with reasonable practices. You agree not to promote Angel Clothing in any way that can damage our reputation or bring the Angel Clothing brand into disrepute. This includes, but is not limited to, methods such as spamming, linking from link farms, linking from sites with adult content or using any kind of browser plugin/malware or similar methods.
Please note commission is only payable on permanent sales and payments. In the event the goods are returned to us or the payment is subsequently disputed, the commission on the sale will be removed from your account.
For administrative reasons we require a working PayPal account to send commission to. We are not responsible for paying commission if your PayPal account will not accept payments. There are no alternative methods to receive commission
We may make reasonable adjustments to these terms at any time. We will email any changes to you. Continuing to use your affiliate URLs subsequently indicates binding acceptance of any changes made.
You will only drive traffic to us from approved URLs. If you wish to add more URLs, we require notification by email and we reserve the right to approve or deny them at our sole discretion. We also reserve the right to disapprove any already approved URLs at any time - you will be notified if this occurs and must stop using those URLs to drive traffic to us within the timeframe given.
These terms will also be sent to you by email when we approve your account and are binding as soon as you start using your affiliate links. Please read them carefully - violations can result in your account being suspended or terminated and any outstanding commission forfeited at our sole discretion.


How are people tracked and recorded? We use a cookie based system. If a customer arrives at a page on our sites from your links we tag that to your account information. When they purchase goods from Angel Clothing the items and commission are recorded in your account.
How do we define a referred customer? To be counted as a referred person the person must have arrived at our site via your links with the necessary referrer code attached to the link. Later if that person returns to our sites by any method on the same device they will still be linked to your account. Only if cookies are cleared (reset) or a different device is used will the connection be broken.

Example - If they connect to our site via a link from your site on their mobile phone they will be tagged and linked to your affiliate scheme account. If later they then connect directly to the site via their computer the system will treat this as a totally different person, not linked. However if they connect from their mobile via one of your links and later on a computer via one of your links it will count as two customers tagged to your affiliate account, so that any money spent from either system will count and commission will be paid.
Why do I need to reach £100 commission before you'll pay me? The Affiliate scheme, like all Affiliate Schemes, is designed to reward people for the promotion of Angel Clothing. Promote Angel Clothing on your Social Media pages or Blogs or as a source of clothing etc. at events you manage or help run and we will reward you. So we have a required payment threshold of £100 (Pounds Sterling). This also allows us to manage the system effectively.
If the minimum is £100 before a commission is paid will that mean I am paid in Pounds Sterling? No. We will pay you if you are in the UK only in Pounds Sterling. If you are outside of the UK we will pay by PayPal the equiverlent amount in Euros, Dollars etc. at the correct current exchange rate on that day.
Why is there a delay on payout? As returned items and disputed payments do not qualify for commission, we have to allow a minimum of one month for any and all issues to arise and be resolved before we can treat the commission sales as permanent and pay the commission.
Why do I need my URLs approved first? To avoid poor quality traffic and links from questionable sites, we check each link periodically and before approval.
Why do I need a PayPal account? For safety, security and ease of payment, we only pay commission by PayPal as it is instant and protected under PayPal's protection policies. Any other method of payment can cause issues to arise so we will not use them. Also we are a worldwide site and PayPal allows us to pay efficiently in multiple countries and currencies.
How can I check my current earned commission? You can check your your current qualifying orders and earned commission at at any time - you will need to be logged in for this link to work.
How long will it take to earn commission? This will depend on how large your network is and how much time you spend promoting Angel Clothing. With Blogs, Websites and Social Media Networks the more time you spend promoting Angel Clothing products the quicker commission will be earned. The referrer links will work the day you post, and continue to work while your account is active. Post one per day and in a year you will have 365 links/posts to Angel Clothing potentially earning you commission.
What if a customer arrives at different times at our site from two different peoples affiliate schemes? If a customer arrives at different times to our sites, but arrived through two different peoples affiliate links then only the last is counted. And that person will remain tagged only to the last affiliate link they arrived from.
My question is not answered here? Please email with your query. Or ring 02392 815413 during office hours.

You are viewing the Angel Clothing Affiliate Scheme Users page. To visit the main site click here.