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Anne Stokes 3D Keyring Fierce Loyalty
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Anne Stokes 3D Keyring Fierce Loyalty

£1.99($2.64 - 2.28EUR)

Anne Stokes 3D Keyring Fierce Loyalty.

This 3D keyring comes from the enchanted imagination of the highly talented gothic and fantasy artist Anne Stokes. In a grand hallway, sturdy pillars flanking the marble-floored corridor, a young red-haired woman sits on the ground, a golden diadem around her head betraying her noble origins. Her long blue dress flows across the floor, and sitting either side of her are two copper-coloured dragons. They curl protectively around her, the one to her right nuzzling her lovingly, as she rests her hands on their heads as if they were her pets. She holds your gaze, unblinking and unafraid. Behind her, high arched doors tower, the windows of a gallery above them. Radiating and aura of determination and pride, the 3D effect adds an extra touch of depth and realism to the already fantastic art. Perfect for those who want their keys protected by loyal dragon pets.

This rectangular part of the keychain measures approx 5.6 cm high x 3.6 cm wide.

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Anne Stokes 3D Keyring Fierce Loyalty - Anne Stokes 3D Keyring Fierce Loyalty
Anne Stokes 3D Keyring Fierce Loyalty

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 September, 2017.

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  • Model: B3338J7
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