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Hi, if you're reading this page we assume you're interesting in collaborating with us using your blog or other social media platform or similar idea.

We are receiving lots of requests for us for send products out to potential collaborators - rather than sending goods out, we're currently offering an affiliate scheme where approved partners can earn a 10% commission on all sales referred to Angel Clothing through your blog, website, Facebook page, Instagram, Tumblr etc. If you're interested, details are below.

How can I apply?

You'll first need to create a full account on our site at if you do not already have one. Please make sure that the email address you use is correct and working. Once you've created an account, go to and fill out the form to apply. If you wish to drive traffic to us from more than one location, please email with a list of the URLs/sites etc. you wish to use after making your application with your main URL/site.

Please note approval is entirely at our own discretion. We reserve the right to refuse any application.

How does it work once I'm approved?

We will send you a unique referrer URL you can use to link to the Angel Clothing main page and a URL suffix you can add to the URL of any page on our site in order to direct your viewers to any specific page you wish.

Anyone who places an order after being referred through from you with us will earn you 10% commission on the value of the goods purchased. Once you reach the minimum payment threshold (currently £100 or equivalent) contact us and we will arrange payment. You will require a working PayPal account to receive payment. Payments are issued on the last working day of the calendar month following the one you reach the threshold in or the next working day if that falls on a weekend or bank/public holiday.

You can check your your current qualifying orders and earned commission at at any time - you will need to be logged in for this link to work.

What are the terms and conditions?

These will be sent to you by email when we approve your account and are binding as soon as you start using your affiliate links. Please read them carefully - violations can result in your account being terminated and any outstanding commission forfeited at our sole discretion.

I have a question not answered here?

Please email with your query.

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